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Forming great habits early sets you up for long term success. Our talented team creates a personalized dental experience for all members of your family, no matter how small.


Milestone ages:

When should my child see the dentist?

Baby’s first visit

We recommend your child sees the dentist by the time they turn 1 or when their first tooth comes in. We are not typically concerned about a young child getting cavities, but we are trying to create a "Dental Home" where they learn to feel comfortable with us looking in their mouth and cleaning their teeth. Often times the first visits will simply be a ride in the chair. We also recommend that you read them a book before coming to the dentist so they know what to expect.

Age: 1 year old

Child’s first films

We take films when your child is 4 years old. This is the age we typically see your child's teeth starting to have contact with the adjacent teeth, which means it's really important that good flossing habits begin. Cavities often start in-between the teeth and our decay detecting films (X-Rays) allow us to examine and get a good baseline of your child’s teeth.

Age: 4 year old

Child’s first braces exam

Your child’s mouth is ever-changing. As your child continues to lose baby teeth and get permanent teeth, there may be crowding issues. We can examine and use a child’s growth pattern to create extra room for those bigger adult teeth that are coming in under the smaller primary teeth. In the past, orthodontists would recommend many extractions to create this extra space, but we always try to keep as many teeth as possible and by seeing them early, we can monitor and assess accordingly.

Ages: Elementary School

A memorable experience.

No matter what your child’s experience level is with the dentist, we always strive to make it a fun, friendly experience so they will feel at-ease and welcome.

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